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Adrenal Glandular For Fatigue and Stress

Adrenal Glandular For Fatigue and Stress

$ 25.50

Adrenal Complex Glandular

The Cleanest Glandulars Come From New Zealand Grass Fed Animals. 

Adrenal Glandulars -- Desiccated adrenal gland can be helpful to some people in supporting the gland, and replacing some missing adrenal hormones.

Lyophilized adreanal and spleen with synergistic co-factors for proper functioning of the adrenal glands
Scientifically formulated nutritional product made from superior ingredients: quality controlled to ensure optimum potency, safety and efficacy. Contains high quality New Zealand Grass Fed glandulars carefully processed to ensure the bioavailabilty of intact gland-occuring nutrients. 

As a nutritional supplement take 1-4 capsules a day following meals, or as directed by your health care professinal.


Serving Size: One capsule

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin A ...
3500 IU
(fish liver oil) 
Vitamin C ... 175 mg
(L-ascorbic acid)
Vitamin B1 ... 10 mg
Vitamin B2 ... 5 mg
Vitamin B3 ... 50 mg
Vitamin B6 ... 15 mg
Vitamin B5 ... 10 mg
(calcium pantothenate)
Zinc ... 10 mg
Adrenal tissue ... 200 mg
Spleen tissue ... 150 mg

Other ingredients: Organic brown rice and vegetable MCT.

Unless specifically listed, this product contains no sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, artificial flavors or additives, and no corn, wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, or milk derivatives.