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Allergy Relief - Pacific U.S.

Allergy Relief - Pacific U.S.

$ 26.50

Allergy Relief Spray

For The Pacific United States

For red, itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, cough, hoarseness, fatigue, runny nose, sneezing, congestion and headache from grass, trees, weeds, pollen and mold in WA, OR, and CA. 

2 oz. Spray

Hold close to mouth and spray 1 dose directly into mouth 2 to 6 times daily until symptoms improve. Before initial dose, depress pump 4-5 times or until primed.

Adult Dose: 3 complete pump sprays

Child’s Dose (2-12 years): 2 complete pump sprays

Newborn (up to 2 years): 1 complete pump spray

External use (when appropriate) Simply spray on affected areas 2 to 6 times daily until symptoms improve.


Alnus glut, Histaminum, Adrenalinum, Allium cepa, Arsenicum iod, Rumex crisp. Other: Pacific Allergen Complex (White Poplar, Alternaria tenuis (mold), Ragweed mix, Birch mix, Cladosporium fulvum (mold), Bermuda Grass, Scotch Broom, Orchard Grass, Grass Mix, Black Walnut, Mountain Cedar, Mexican Firebrush, Perennial Rye Grass, Lombardy Poplar, Mold Mix A and B, Red Mulberry, Olive, Western June Grass, Pine Mix, Pollentinum, Cottonwood mix, Oak mix, One-seeded Juniper, Russian Thistle, Sage mix, Rye Grass, American Elm).

In every dose of SafeCare Rx, you receive equal volumes of seven high potency broad-spectrum potencies in each ingredient (10x, 30x, 100x, 1m, LM1, LM2, and LM3.)