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Alpha Lipolic Acid For Weight Loss and Thyroid Health

Alpha Lipolic Acid For Weight Loss and Thyroid Health

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Alpha Lipoic Acid

Weight Loss/Thyroid Health

ALA for Thyroid Health

Many studies on relation of ALA to thyroid health have been done the results of which indicate that ALA can avoid or treat dysfunction of thyroid gland and the complications resulting from thyroid conditions.
Protection for cancer patients: Exposure to radiation therapy in cancer patients can result in hypothyroidism. Animal studies done pre-clinically indicate ALA can safeguard the gland from ill effects of radiation. ALA due to its anti-oxidant effect can exert anti-cancer effect on the cell lines of cancerous thyroid cells.
Action on subclinical hypothyroidism: A research study on subclinical hypothyroidism published in PubMed in 2010 indicates that ALA enhances endothelial function. This is brought about by reduction in number of free radicals resulting in better arterial flow.
The use of ALA does not however change the levels of thyroid hormone. If the endothelial dysfunction is not treated it can result in atherosclerosis. This is especially true in case of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.
Influence on thyroid hormone secretion: ALA can influence T4 to T3 conversion according to a 1991 study. This is the reason patients need to be careful when taking thyroid hormones such as levothyroxine and alpha lipoic acid simultaneously.

There should be a minimum duration of 4 hours between the two medications for the ALA to be safe.  The study indicates that nearly 56% suppression of T4 conversion occurred when ALA and levothyroxine were taken simultaneously.

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