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Beet SuperFood AIP Pineapple -  Liver Cleanse, Immune, Eye and Bone Health, Aids Digestion, Energy Promoting, Heart Health and Blood Pressure Lowering

Beet SuperFood AIP Pineapple - Liver Cleanse, Immune, Eye and Bone Health, Aids Digestion, Energy Promoting, Heart Health and Blood Pressure Lowering

$ 33.95

Beet SuperFood AIP

(Auto Immune Paleo)

5.4 oz Size = 54 Servings
*Raises Nitric Oxide Levels*
Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free


One of the most common and effective natural liver detoxifiers is the beet. Beets have been used to fight liver toxins and to increase the overall level of health of individuals for many years, and they can be easily integrated into one`s diet to keep the liver working at an optimal level.

Pineapples support the immune system, strengthen bone and eye health, reduce the risk of macular degeneration, contain high amounts of Vitamin C, aid and improve digestion, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  Their health and medicinal benefits include their ability to improve respiratory health, cure coughs and colds, improve digestion, help you lose weight, strengthen bones, improve oral health, boost eye health, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer, improve heart health, fight off infections and parasites, improve the immune system and increase circulation.


 ***Better Tasting Than All The Rest, Better Price Too!!!***

Ingredients:  BeetRoot Powder, Pineapple Fruit Powder, Malic Acid
A delicious source of dietary nitrates that promotes heart-healthy energy
1 Serving of Beet SuperFood = 3 Whole Beets = 1-Half Liter Bottle of Beet Juice
Nitric Oxide & Heart Health
Nitric Oxide is the chief regulator for the cardiovascular system. Nitric Oxide sends signals to your blood vessels that tell them to relax.  Relaxing the blood vessels helps the body promote healthy circulation for improved blood flow and oxygen delivery.
Beets are a powerful source of antioxidants, electrolytes, and dietary nitrates -- which convert to nitric oxide in the body.  One dose a day of dietary nitrates from Beet SuperFood can boost your nitric oxide levels, helping your body with:

Improved Energy Production
Extended Exercise Endurance and Stamina
Support  For Healthy Blood Pressure
Incorporating Beet SuperFood into your daily supplement schedule can help combat your body's natural decline in nitric oxide production that happens as we age.
This Is How It Works:
1. Dietary nitrates are ingested
2.  Some of these nitrates convert to nitrates
3.  Nitrates then convert to Nitric Oxide
4. Nitric oxide circulates throughout the body through the blood stream
Directions:  Mix 1 teaspoon thoroughly with 4-6 ounces of water. For the best results, avoid mixing with citrus juice. Do not exceed 4 servings in 24 hours.  Drink any time of day for an energy boost.
**Each of our body's are different. Many people feel a noticeable effect, such as more energy, or even more overall vitality. Others may not feel any noticeable effects.  Results vary depending on your individual body chemistry as well as your body's initial nitric oxide levels.
**Do NOT Mix With Citrus.  Citrus will break down the effectiveness of this product.**