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Cortisol Insufficiency (Licorice Drops)

Cortisol Insufficiency (Licorice Drops)

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Licorice Extract Drops

For Cortisol Insufficiency - Helps Raise Cortisol

Licorice is one of the most extensively researched herbs. Licorice root has been used therapeutically for several thousand years in both Western and Eastern systems of medicine. Numerous pharmacological and clinical studies confirm its effectiveness in promoting healthy gastrointestinal, adrenal and lung function.

Glycyrrhizin (glycyrrhetic acid) is believed to be the primary active constituent, though other components of licorice contribute to its biological activity. Glycyrrhizin is fifty times sweeter than sugar and is found in licorice at concentrations of 1 to 25 percent. Good-quality licorice should contain at least 4 percent glycyrrhizin.

As a nutritional aid take 1 ml twice daily. Can be taken with 1/2 glass of water or mix into tea. For dosage modification consult your health care professional.


Each Dropper (0.7 ml) Contains:


Licorice Root Standardized Extract 70 mg
Standardized to contain: 18-20% Glycyrrhizen (12.6-14.0 mg)    
In demineralized water, glycerin and potassium sorbate.