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Iodine Liquid Lugol's 5%

Iodine Liquid Lugol's 5%

$ 23.50

Lugol's Iodine Liquid Tincture 

5%.....1 Drop Equals 6.25mgs



Healing Solutions Lugol's VS. J.Crows:

Healing Solutions manufacturer prepares Lugol's in small, controllable batches. 

J.Crows prepares their formula in larger 5-10 lb buckets which means less control, sealing not as secure which causes evaporation.

Healing Solutions better cap means NO evaporation or oxidation so solution remains strong and potent. You get a tighter cap, plus a separate dropper!

J.Crows uses dropper cap which does not seal as tight meaning evaporation and oxidation occur.  Oxidation weakens the iodine.



The entire body uses iodine and iodide, not just the thyroid. Various tissues and organs are designed to concentrate large amounts that are necessary for their normal structure and function. Conversely, low iodine levels are associated with autoimmune thyroid disease, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, goiter, and fibromyalgia, as well as cysts and nodules of the breast, thyroid, and ovaries.

(Both types of iodine are needed in the body - breast and prostate tissue prefer iodine and thyroid tissues prefer iodide - and both types are available with a Lugol's solution. Other types of iodine formulations have not been shown capable of providing this type of tissue-specific support).

Lugol's Solution in a 1 fl.oz. (30 ml) glass dropper bottle.   Contains 5% Iodine crystals (99.9%+) and 10% Potassium Iodide (USP Grade) in distilled water.  To calculate total iodine content, add elemental iodine grams to iodide in potassium iodide grams, which is 76.5% of total KI weight.  This addition comes out to 126.5 mg/mL or about 13% total iodine.  If one assumes 20 vertical drops for each milliliter (metric drop), each drop contains about 6.25 mg of Iodine.  Great for water purification, antiseptic for cuts, disinfectant, biological stain, salt water aquariums, pet & livestock nutrient, radioactive iodine uptake inhibitor, and supplementation.  Do not put in mouth without first diluting in your favorite drink.