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Microbiome Test Kit - Learn How Your Microbiome Is Effecting Your Health

Microbiome Test Kit - Learn How Your Microbiome Is Effecting Your Health

$ 89.00

Did you know that there are trillions of bacteria in and on your body?

The Gut kit helps you learn about what lives in your gut. You see how your microbiome is responding to your diet.  Once you see how your food choice create your Gut Microbiome and how that affects your health, you'll understand that changes need to be made to help you feel better.

Explore your inner universe and learn about the bacteria that live inside of you.


Here's how it works:

1. Purchase Your Kit
2. The Test Kit Will Be Sent To You Through The Mail
3. Collect your sample and send them back to the lab in the enclosed prepaid envelope (Yes, the gut sample is a quick swab of your toilet paper.) Also, there are a few pages of survey questions and registration information.
4. Your sample will be run through our state-of-the-art DNA sequencing lab at the University of California, San Francisco.

By Sequencing Your Bacteria, You Will Learn:

- What's in your sample
- How you correlate with others
- How you correlate with existing studies



Microbiome Test Kit Lab has the largest private dataset of human microbiome samples in the world, so by participating you can learn about yourself while contributing to the world's understanding of the microbiome.


HOW TO ORDER TEST:  Cut and PasteThis Link  To Your Browser, And Choose Your Test.


On The Checkout Page You will see a box that says "GIFT CARD OR DISCOUNT CODE."  Type In The Word 'WELLNESS' To Get An Additional 10% Discount Off The Cost Of Your Test Kit.

NOTE: Microbiome Test is not a diagnostic test. We can give you valuable information about what is in your microbiome and how it correlates with others. The information is for research purposes only.