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Mold, Dust, Mites, Pollen

Mold, Dust, Mites, Pollen

$ 19.00

Homeopathic For Mold, Dust, Mites, Pollen

Provides factors that mitigate hypersensitivity to household dusts, molds, mites, pollen.


2 oz.

Adrenal 3X, 4X, 
ACTH 6X, 30X, 
Histamine 12X, 
Liver 6X, 12X, 
Black Mold, Grain Dust, 
House Mold, House Dust, 
Lint, Mattress Dust, 
Mildew Dust, Paper Dust, 
Rug Dust, Upholstery Dust, 
Yeast (bakers/brewers), 
all at 6X, 12X, 60X, 100X, 
Dust Mite 12X, 30X.
Other Ingredients:
Purified water, 20% alcohol.