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Plant Enzymes (no Pineapple)

Plant Enzymes (no Pineapple)

$ 25.00

Plant Enzymes (NO Pineapple)

For Those Individuals With Pineapple Allergies


Enzymes that trigger the immune system and the elimination of immune complexes that lead to inflammation.  These enzymes are extremely important in many Auto-Immune Diseases because they help with digestion and also the immune system in a way that cleans and clears compounds that lead to further inflammation and tissue destruction. 

This product is an all-plant digestive aid. It has a high concentration of pure plant enzymes. These enzymes are biologically active and function throughout the whole digestive tract, due to the fact they are not dependent upon pH for activation. They are completely safe in all enzymatic digestive disturbances. Use this where digestive enzyme body secretions supplements are desired to aid digestion of proteins, fats, starch and fibrous materials.

Two (2) capsules at the beginning of a meal. Capsules may be opened and sprinkled on food.

60 Capsules

Protease ...10, 000 HUT 
Amylase ...4, 000 DU 
Lipase ...43.4 LU 
Cellulase 30 CU 
Papaya Leaf Powder ...25mg

Contains - Plant Fiber