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Selenium For Thyroid (Whole Food, Organic)

Selenium For Thyroid (Whole Food, Organic)

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Thyroid Selenium

(Iodine Protocol Selenium)
Antioxidant protection that helps regulate your thyroid!
75 capsules
)  naturally occurring seleno-amino acid that is synthesized by plants such as garlic and broccoli. An important antioxidant, selenium helps prevent cellular damage from free radicals and has proven to be less toxic and more potent in battling cancer.   It is found naturally in some vegetables including garlic, brassicas, leeks, and onions, especially when these are grown in high selenium soil. It is easily converted to methylselenol which has been demonstrated to be an effective anticancer form of selenium. Rather than killing cancer cells by necrosis,  kills cancer cells through apoptosis. Apoptosis is an  orderly process of cellular self-destruction that does not provoke inflammatory responses. It is also known to inhibit angiogenesis in beginning cancer tumors. Angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels, is necessary for cancer cells to grow into a tumor.
      It does not accumulate in the body and is considered to be non-toxic.
Recent studies have confirmed that it is this form of selenium that is most active in the chemoprevention of breast and colon cancers, and probably other cancers as well. Unlike selenomethionine, which is incorporated into proteins in place of methionine,  is not incorporated into any being fully available for chemoprevention of cancer and the synthesis of selenium-containing enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase. Animal studies also indicate that this form of selenium is as much as 90% less toxic than any other known form of selenium. It has been shown to:
  • - Produce a 33% better reduction of cancerous lesions
  • Induce apoptosis in cancer cells.
  • - Inhibit cancer cell proliferation.
  • - Reduce intratumoral microvessel density and angiogenesis.
  • - Down-regulate vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF, which is essential for angiogenesis).
Of all selenium supplements tested to date,  is the most effective anti-carcinogen.
Selenium Cruciferate (Methylselenocysteine from whole foods 200 75 caps

Dietary Supplement 

Supplement Facts 
Serving Size: 1  
Servings Per Container: 75 

Amount Per Serving: 
Selenium Cruciferate from whole foods 200  

Other Ingredients: 
Broccoli powder. 

Take one daily, or as directed by a physician. 

Free of corn, wheat, yeast, and other common food allergens. 

Selenium for Thyroid is a scientifically designed plant-based source of the essential trace mineral selenium. Indian mustard greens assimilate and metabolize selenium into Se compounds, most notably Semethylselenocysteine (Se-MSC), and other  selenoamino acids and Hydroponically grown Indian mustard is also a rich source of naturally occurring antioxidants.
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