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The Beet Bar

The Beet Bar

$ 89.95

The Beet Bar

"A Quick Beet Shot And You're Out The Door!!!"

The Beet Bar Set Includes All 25 Beet SuperFood Flavors, Plus A Beet Lady Shot Glass



Beet SuperFood Powder Boosts your body's nitric oxide level keeping your blood pressure at a healthy state. Boosts your energy and supports better cardiovascular health. Beet SuperFood Is A Powerful Whole Food Supplement With Wide-Ranging Health Benefits.  The Ingredients Are Organic And Derived From Real Whole Food.
Beets: One of the most common and effective natural liver detoxifiers.  They have been used to fight liver toxins and to increase the overall level of health of individuals for many years, and they can be easily integrated into one`s diet to keep the liver working at an optimal level.
Fruits:  Each fruit has a myriad of health constituents that boost immunity, deliver vitamins and minerals to the cells and have a whole host of healing properties.