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Topical Healing Gel Remedy

Topical Healing Gel Remedy

$ 25.00

Topical Healing Gel Remedy

Pain and Swelling

Healing Gel is 100% natural, virtually odorless, and can be a great alternative to many chemically-based, over-the-counter pain creams and ointments. It is a 100% natural topical with an Aloe Gel base designed to assist with the relief of inflammation, acute aches and pains, and skin irritations.

The soothing homeopathic ingredients contained in this pure and versatile product have been shown to be effective at relieving the above ailments. Notably, Arnica montana, Hypericum perforatum, and Calendula officinalis have long been used to aid in the relief of minor burns, bruises, skin irritations, rashes, inflammation, and pain caused from acute trauma. These ingredients are contained in an Aloe Gel base providing added relief for skin conditions and burns. This virtually odorless gel is an excellent natural alternative to chemically-based, over-the counter pain creams and ointments. 

Suggested Usage

2 oz tube. Apply topically three times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


  • Active Ingredients:
  • Arnica Montana 1X, 30C; Bellis Perennis 12X; Calcarea Fluorica 30X; Calendula Officinalis 1X; Ferrum Phos-phoricum 30X; Hypericum Perforatum 1X, 30C; Ledum Palustre 12X; Natrum Sulphuricum 30C; Rhus Toxico-dendron 30X; Sulphuricum Acidum 12X; Symphytum Officinale 3X

Inactive Ingredients: Aloe Gel Base.

This product is gluten-free.


If pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, please consult your healthcare practitioner before use.