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Gut Restoration System

Gut Restoration System

$ 55.00

"All Disease Begins In The Gut"


Health problems begin with gut dysbiosis, meaning a dysfunctional bacterial population.  You lose diversity and certain keystone strains of bacteria which maintains the structure of your gut.  When that happens, you get 'LEAKY GUT and INFLAMMATION.'   


This 3-Step System Has Been Shown Restore A Healthy Gut Microbiome



1.  :  This unique spore probiotic produces short-chain fatty acids, enzymes and other compounds that are good for the gut and good for the body.  The spores also increase the growth of a lot of other beneficial strains of good bacteria.  They compete against pathogenic bacteria. The probiotic spores have the intelligence to kill off bad bacteria versus an antibiotic that kills everything, according to studies.  Increases growth of good bacteria and within 3-4 weeks they double or increase good bacteria by a whopping 50%, while they are orchestrating a balanced gut ecology.  The spores in MegaSporeBiotic recondition the environment of the gut and change it to favor the growth of a more diverse set of bacteria so they can specifically take down bad bacteria that are taking over and making you sick.    100% Spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic clinically shown to maintain a healthy gut barrier function. 



2.    The Prebiotic that ONLY FEEDS GOOD BACTERIA!  This is an important distinction because others feed both good and bad bacteria.    The probiotic, MegaSporeBiotic for a 10-fold increase of good bacteria in your gut.  Together, MegaPreBiotic and MegaSporeBiotic fix the bacterial population, they fix the structure, they fix the intestinal lining and they also fix the inflammatory response in the gut. *Two of the ingredients are milk and corn; however, these are not milk proteins or corn kernels.  It does not contain any of the milk proteins, lactose, whey and casein and it does not contain corn kernels which are grains.  The milk and corn (from inside the cob) are the fibers only that is XOS fiber.  These increase the Bifido Bacteria in the gut. 




3.  :  Contains 4-key amino acids to repair and rebuild the structure of the gut.  It is the first complete support supplement of its kind, formulated to Rebuild a healthy mucosal barrier.  It also contains dairy-free immunoglobulins clinically shown to support a healthy immune response in the gut and is clinically shown to support microbial diversity and alleviate barrier dysfunction otherwise known as 'Leaky Gut.


                       MegaSporeBiotic             MegaPreBiotic                MegaMucosa                 





When Leaky Gut is present, we also see Candida

Formulated with undecylenic acid and bee to support healthy yeast and fungal balance in the body. This is an anti-fungal that brings down and controls Candida.



MegaIgG2000  This dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate supports healthy digestion, binds environmental toxins, and maintains healthy gut barrier function.  Unlike other milk-derived immunoglobulins on the market, MegaIgG2000 is derived from bovine serum, making it lactose-free, casein-free and B--free.  The immunoglobulins are antibodies taken from cow serum that bind to viral toxins, MOLD toxins, bacteria, and environmental toxins.  MegaIgG2000 binds up these pathogens, neutralizes them and takes them out of the body through defecation.  This helps to stop inflammation.

*MegalgG2000 also enhances mood. It helps clear depression and anxiety.

*MegalgG2000 is a dairy-free Colostrum alternative.